We initially chose Binance Smart Chain due to its powerful ecosystem and the ability to recruit initial community members. So we deployed the first classic game, Crypto Pirates, on BSC to verify the business model we designed.
When the operation of Crypto Pirates enters a stable stage, the CheersLand team will develop and launch more classic games such as Click-Click, Block Builder and Gold Farmer etc..
In order to allow users of different blockchains to interact with CheersLand GameFi Universe, Cheersland will be deployed in various potential blockchains and eventually operated on multichain environments.
To date, the product matrix built on the CheersLand is as follows:
  • Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) platform.
  • Multi-asset Staking platform.
  • Classic games ‌including Adventure Games (AVG), Puzzle Games (PZL) and Mini Games etc..
  • CheersLand API for game builders.
We estimate that the game module program based on CheersLand will be launched in 2022, which will provide game builders with simple and easy-to-use API, and truly power their games with blockchain. This is exactly the Build to Earn mode we designed.
We believe that CheersLand GameFi Universe can make the gamers realize Play to Earn, which will also become a powerful platform for attracting developers to blockchain technology and GameFi.
Technology Framework

Anti-cheating Mechanism

In order to guarantee the fairness of the game, we have designed an anti-cheating mechanism. Taking Crypto Pirates as an example, the anti-cheating mechanism mainly consists of the following four points:
Auth Token
When the user connects the wallet address, a time-sensitive token will be automatically generated to restrict the login environment and prevent the bot from running game scripts.
Timing Window Algorithm
While the gamer touches in-game items to get scores, it will be recorded as a state. It will be considered cheating once the interval between the two states is too short. This feature is added to avoid running game scripts.
Distance Window Algorithm
Once the user's in-game coordinate shifts too far in a short period of time, it will be considered cheating. The addition of the feature will avoid running game scripts.
Non-gaming Operation Blocking
While the user clicks on the pause button, sponsored ad pages will be displayed full screen, which prevents the user from using pause time to consider how to pass the levels. Also it prevents users from using screenshot tools to cheat in the game.


The Invitation and Staking Contract of CheersLand has been audited by Solidity Finance team on August 5th, 2021. Read the audit report here.
Before the new feature is released, we will first complete internal audits and third-party audits, and will regularly re-audit all contract code to ensure its security.