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CheersLand Overview

CheersLand is a scalable GameFi Metaverse Aggregator where anyone can monetize their gaming experiences and social networks. CheersLand GameFi Metaverse Aggregator is composed of multi-game combinations, Ranking List, Initial Gaming Offering (IGO), NFT Market, Multi-asset Staking Platform, etc..
In CheersLand, gamers can earn rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. This Play to Earn mode is adopted by Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, Alien Worlds, etc., which caused enthusiastic response and commercial success in GameFi.
Game builders are allowed to use CheersLand API to launch their own games in CheersLand GameFi Universe and share the economic model. This new model has been dubbed Build to Earn and will inspire game builders to earn rewards by expanding the game scenes for CheersLand.
The first classic game, Crypto Pirates, has been launched on CheersLand and verified its business model while still in early access.
Gamers will be able to get the rankings on the leaderboard by constantly passing levels in the game. CheersLand will take a snapshot of Ranking List every week and reward users who rank on it.
The weekly prizes are including but not limited to:
  • CHEERS tokens
  • Allocations of the projects listed on IGO channel
  • Multi-asset airdrops
  • NFTs of in-game items
The gamified launchpad for startups is named Initial Gaming Offering (IGO), which will provide a portion of allocations of startups to gamers on Ranking List. Gamers are free to buy and sell NFTs of in-game items on NFT Market.
Therefore, IGO and NFT Market provide CheersLand with expandable GameFi scenes.
In addition to Crypto Pirates, other games based on CheersLand will adopt the same business model and mechanism, which will help gamers earn continuous passive income.
All users who contribute to the ecosystem, including gamers, game builders, stakers, investors, will be rewarded CHEERS, the native token, which represents a real slice of CheersLand GameFi Universe as it has governance rights and fee sharing built into it. This blockchain economic design is the key difference between CheersLand and other traditional game platforms.
The Vision
We want to redefine a more cheerful world with GameFi.
By creating more economic opportunities for users, CheersLand will make a difference. We hope to bring millions of Internet users into the blockchain through CheersLand and experience the GameFi revolution together.
Now, let's do it.
Last modified 2yr ago