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Q2 2021

  • Market research of GameFi
  • Design for multiple games framework
  • BSC-based Staking Contract test
  • BSC-based Invitation Contract test

Q3 2021

  • Audit to the Staking and Invitation Contract
  • Launch of the first Classic Game
  • Launch of whitepaper V1.0 and tokenomics
  • Community building and growth
  • IGO MVP pre-release on BSC

Q4 2021

  • Public Sale of CHEERS
  • Official launch and operation of IGO
  • Establishment of the Community Vault
  • Launch of the second Classic Game
  • Launch of Multi-asset Staking Platform
  • Launch of NFT Market Beta

Q1 2022

  • Announcement of the annual revenue and buyback & burn plan
  • Launch of the third Classic Game
  • Improvement of Community Governance model
  • CheersLand API for Build to Earn

Q2 2022

  • New GameFi programme integrations
  • Eco Marathon Grant Activities
  • Second audit to all contracts
  • On-board new blockchain ecosystems

Q3 2022

  • More partnerships with the GameFi ecosystem
  • The fifth Classic Game released by the community
  • Integrate KYC system
  • Launch 100+ IGOs in LaunchPad

Q1 2023

  • Integrate AI features on CheersLand website
  • Add $CHEERS token utilities and holder benefits
  • Integrate Aptos/SUI Network in CheersLand Launchpad IGOs
  • Optimize business structure to generate new revenue

Q2 2023

  • Open CheersLand Gaming Ecosystem (CGE) to all game builders
  • Optimize gaming experience for users
  • Launch CheersLand DAO for governance
  • Mid-Year Buyback & Burn of $CHEERS tokens

Q3 2023

  • Add AI+NFT features into CheersLand Gaming Ecosystem (CGE)
  • Launch gamers growth program 1.0
  • Launch GameFi+ Incubator powering all gaming startups
  • List $CHEERS to more CEXs/DEXs and ecosystems

Q4 2023

  • Gradually realize the decentralization of governance
  • Launch gamers growth program 2.0
  • Re-Audit to the CheersLand contracts
  • Annual Buyback & Burn of $CHEERS tokens

Ultimately we hope to build a GameFi Universe based on CheersLand:

  • Gamified Launchpad
  • Play 2 Earn
  • Build 2 Earn
  • Multi-game Platform
  • Multichain Ecosystem
  • Multi-asset Staking
  • Weekly Tournaments and Ranking List
  • Social Network
  • NFT Market
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