Build to Earn

As we know, CheersLand is structured as an open-ended and expandable GameFi platform. Crypto Pirates launched on CheersLand has proven the feasibility of the business model now. So a large number of excellent game works will be accepted and launched on CheersLand to build the CheersLand ecosystem based on the successful model.

The Build to Earn mode is a kind of incentive mechanism designed for game artists, dev teams and companies, and we collectively refer to them as game builders here. The principles are as follows:

  • Bring excellent and classic games to the blockchain.

  • Diversify games in the CheersLand ecosystem.

  • Help game builders monetize their gaming experiences and work in the blockchain field.

According to the roadmap, CheersLand Application Programming Interface, aka CheersLand API will be launched in early 2022, including HP Record interface, Scores Record interface, Invitation Contract interface, Staking Contract interface, Raking List interface, etc., which will be shared with game builders.

Game builders integrate the APIs to upgrade the game works and apply for launch on CheersLand. Once approved, it will be supported by the CheersLand GameFi community. CheersLand will also provide NFT Mint tools for game builders to tokenize the game items used in the games and list them on the NFT Market for trading. Game builders will enjoy the revenue sharing through the whole model.

CheersLand has 5% of total CHEERS supply as rewards for the Build to Earn mode in order to attract enough participants to accrue value to the network, which will be gradually unlocked according to the development of the Multi-game Universe.

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