Revenue Streams

CheersLand runs the Game-as-a-Service model with GameFi as the core, where new features will be introduced over time.
The main revenue streams of CheersLand are spread over Initial Gaming Offering (IGO) service fees, ads and marketing fees, multi-asset staking charge, NFT item sales and NFT Market service fees.
According to the roadmap IGO service fees and marketing fees will be the primary revenue in the CheersLand ecosystem once users enter the growth phase. So we will pay close attention to the key metrics and data of Daily/Weekly/Monthly Active Users on CheersLand.
We will have more in-game items of NFT for sales as additional revenue in the future. Besides, we will charge a portion of NFT Market service fees taken from successful sales of CheersLand NFT assets: Pass Card, VIP, and other items once the CheersLand NFT Market launched.
The Community Vault will be built and begin to accumulate fees in late 2021 once the network has become sufficiently decentralized. All the fees and revenue generated by CheersLand will be placed in the Community Vault which is governed by the CHEERS holders.