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NFT Market

We have seen that many crypto projects have used Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the GameFi field. In the CheersLand ecosystem and business model, NFT will also play a very important role.
According to the roadmap of CheersLand, NFT Market Beta for trading will be launched in Q4 of 2021, after the launch of the second Classic Mini Game.
Game builders are the creators of NFTs in early access, and they are also the builders of the Multi-game Universe.
CheersLand will provide NFT Mint tools for game builders to tokenize the game items used in the ecosystem and list them on the NFT Market for trading.
NFT assets in CheersLand include Pass Card, VIP Seat, LP Miner and other in-game items, some of which can be staked to farm in Multi-asset Staking Platform. Also they will be taken to Weekly Tournaments as optional rewards.
As the NFT Market grows, some gamers on Ranking List will be allowed to mint and list NFTs for trading as the creators under the standards of CheersLand.
In the NFT Market, CHEERS will be accepted as universal currency to measure and calculate the value of NFTs.
NFT Market Framework
CheersLand NFT Market will take resale royalties and service fees. Resale royalties are used to incentivize NFT creators, which are initially set to 10%. The initial service fees are set to 1%, and a portion of all NFT Market service fees will be shared with the CheersLand Community Vault. Eventually both resale royalties and service fees will be decided by CHEERS holders through governance voting.
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