Multi-game Universe

CheersLand is a multi-game universe where gamers can monetize their gaming experiences and social network.

Health Point (HP) as the universal ticket is able to be used within the Cheersland Multi-game Universe, which means gamers can play all games based on CheersLand if they have HPs and spend 1 HP for once play.

CheersLand designed Play to Earn mode and Build to Earn mode, forming a complete incentive scheme for CheersLand Multi-game Universe.

Play to Earn mode allows gamers to have chances to earn rewards for long term in CheersLand Multi-game Universe. In addition, gamers can earn extra HPs by inviting friends to visit CheersLand to get more chances to win the games and accrue value to the network. Gamers benefit from their social network, which guarantees the continuous supply of CheersLand user sources.

Build to Earn mode will inspire and attract game builders to create and launch high-quality and diverse game works based on CheersLand. This guarantees the supply of multi-game scenes.

According to the roadmap, CheersLand will release at least one game every quarter. In the early stage, the CheersLand team will participate in game development and operation as game builders. As the community grows, it will ultimately be up to the community to decide the release of the games.

CheersLand launched the first Classic Mini Game, Crypto Pirates, based on the principle of simplicity and ease to play, and it's in early access. Click here to read the gameplay of Crypto Pirates.

The CheersLand team plans to launch Click Click, Gold Miner, Block Builder and other classic games in the next few quarters.

The advantages of multiple-game combinations are as follows:

  • Satisfy the preferences of multiple user groups

  • Relieve the fatigue of players and enhance User Stickiness

  • Resonate between games with common in-game items

  • Provide more commercial scenarios

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