CheersLand is being developed by a professional team with extensive experiences across blockchain, DeFi and gaming. The founding team consists of the following individuals:

Peter Lim - Chief Tech Officer

Peter is a well-experienced team leader with crucial in this position soft skills and technical background and in charge of engineering operations.

Peter is proficient in Golang and Rust, with deep understanding of smart contract as an early adopter of Ethereum. He is kind of a genius with fast learning skills.


Serhat Yanar - Co-founder

Serhat is in charge of business and public relations at CheersLand.

He is here to maximize the business opportunities with CheersLand ecosystem partners, launchpads, and CEXs and expand partnerships with other excellent crypto projects for CheersLand.

Serhat is the founder of Whitelist IDOs, a platform to search and publish live whitelists of trustable IDOs and IGOs of various launchpads.

He is an experienced crypto market analyser and investor since 2016 and very interested with GameFi and Metaverse.


M.Joesph Cheung - Strategic Partner

As the strategic partner at CheersLand, Joesph is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and in charge of the development strategy and resource integration.

At the same time, Joesph is one of partners at TrustFi Network, the BaaS platform and incubator for crypto startups, which will bring a large number of corporate customers and community support to CheersLand.

Previously with Trueway Capital as Investment Partner & Researcher, Joesph has led the investment and consulting work of many blockchain projects. He has been engaged in research about blockchain protocols and DeFi since 2017.


Janna - Operating Lead

Janna is responsible for project operation and branding awareness at CheersLand.

Thanks to her experience gained as the user experience designer for 2 years, she's been involved in entire implementation processes of various products and helped them to grow up.

Besides, Janna previously worked as a project manager at the game studio and she has good connections in the gaming industry.


Alexander Kondrashov - Advisor

Alexander is a super influencer and entrepreneur with a total audience of over 4 million subscribers. Alexander is the Founder of private “Closed Investors Club” since 2019. Started with the construction of mining farms since he was excited by Crypto back in 2016, and then organized crypto conferences in Dubai 2017–2018. A.K. is also an author of the book 'Life in motion. How to achieve the success not losing yourself', the owner of YouTube channel Alexander Kondrashov (1.5 million subscribers) and Instagram channel Alexander Kondrashov (2.5 million subscribers).


Lester Lim - Advisor

Lester is Founder at X21 Digital, a leading Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm that helped many excellent blockchain startups in the crypto area. X21 Digital is focusing on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance, to shortcut the clients and partners' path to success.


Vickaash Agarwal - Advisor

Vickaash is the CEO of Bluewheel Capital and a veteran from Crypto space who started in late 2016 by organising crypto events. He is also an angel investor, mentor, philanthropist and entreprenuer. He is an IIM Lucknow and Harvard University Alum with Certification In Cryptocurrency from London School of Economics. Over the last 5 years , he has had the opportunity to interact and work alongside the owners of some top crypto projects across the globe.


Kevin Abdulrahman - Advisor

Kevin is a well-experienced advisor and an active investor with strong network in the crypto. He has been a Motivational speaker for over 20 years.

His keynotes, workshops, and communication coaching programs have been utilized by companies spanning the Fortune 500, government, non-profit and privately held businesses.

He is with CheersLand to provide maximum value to the project.


Francis Dhun - Advisor

Francis is the CEO at Trendsetter Ventures and owner of the brand The Crypto Lifestyle on YouTube.

He has been fully committed working fulltime in the blockchain and crypto currency industry since 2017 investing into early phase projects at the grass roots level for almost 5 straight years.


Matthew Graham Kay - Advisor

Matthew is the Co-Founder of Trendsetter Ventures and a team member of The Crypto Lifestyle brand.

He also works as an advisor for PolkaEx and GameStar.


Naveed is CEO and founder of, a transparent live whitelisting based crypto launchpad.

He has been in crypto since 2015 and writing smart contracts. Highly expert strategist to launch projects and help with top tier 1 connections in the industry.

He is with CheersLand to get maximum Tier 1 partnership and connections to boost marketing and provide maximum value to the project.


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