In order for CheersLand to quickly enter the efficient operation phase, we choose Classic Mini Games as the prioritized type of games for launch.

Classic Mini Games have a broad user base at any age around the world, and allow players to play the game at any time and anywhere with no barriers to participation.

This is the reason why we chose to use the GameFi business model to power Classic Mini Games and we want to pay tribute to the classics. All games based on CheersLand will adopt similar business models and gameplay.

The general concepts in the games are as follows:


Health Point (HP) is the universal ticket for the Cheersland Multi-game Universe. Gamers can play all games based on CheersLand if they have HPs and spend 1 HP for once play.

There are two ways for players to earn HP:

  • Use the exclusive invitation link generated by CheersLand to invite friends to visit CheersLand.

  • Participate in staking on Multi-asset Staking Platform.


Scores are the core indicators for evaluating the gaming ability of the players.

The smart contract of CheersLand will automatically record the player's scores in the game. Different games will adopt different scoring formulas. Taking Crypto Pirates as an example, the scoring formula is:

Scores=ΣCTDPScores = Σ CT * DP

Scores refer to the gamer's effective scores only including the total scores of the levels passed by the gamer.

CT refers to the Coins Touched of each level and Coins are the in-game items.

DP refers to the Difficulty Points of each level and it's set to a linearly increasing sequence.

Ranking List:

Ranking List is the leaderboard sorted by the games' scores. The current rankings only show the top 100, which means the scarcity of seats.

Ranking List can reflect the engagement of gamers to a certain extent. It is an effective way to rank and screen users, and also an important indicator for evaluating user value to the network. It is worth mentioning that the ranking will be dynamically changed and updated at all times, which means that all gamers will always be in competition.

Weekly Tournaments:

We can see that Ranking List can screen out valuable GameFi users for the CheersLand ecosystem, and it will be very meaningful to motivate them. Weekly Tournaments, titled by the sponsors, will take a weekly snapshot of the leaderboard and reward the gamers on the list for their engagement. CheersLand will provide diversified prizes by attracting external sponsors and internal ecological benefits.

The gameplay of CheersLand is generally as follows:

  • Gamers need to spend HPs to participate in the games to get scores as good as possible.

  • Gamers can earn more HPs through staking or inviting friends to visit CheersLand.

  • Ranking List will show the top 100 gamers based on their scores.

  • The gamers listed on the leaderboard will have the chance to earn rewards every week.

  • The rewards are including but not limited to CHEERS tokens, airdrops from other sponsors, whitelisted allocations of Initial Gaming Offering (IGO), and NFTs.

As for non-game users, they are also allowed to participate in staking on CheersLand to earn rewards or HPs, and invest in the IGO of startups listed on CheersLand as well.

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