Invitation Mechanism

Players must spend HPs to play the game. Owning more HPs means that the player will have more chances to pass the levels in the game, which will more likely cause a better ranking for the player.

In order to bring more players to participate in CheersLand Multi-game Universe, we designed an invitation mechanism:

When the user clicks the Invite Friends button, CheersLand will generate an exclusive link based on the user's blockchain address. Once other users visit CheersLand through the exclusive link and authorize the contract to confirm the invitation relationship, both the host and guest will increase 1HP for the game. Therefore, everyone will be powered by his social network in CheersLand.

The Invitation Contract developed by the CheersLand team will record the user's invitation data and calculate HPs. Now it's live on Binance Smart Chain and will integrate other blockchains in the future.

The contract owner has the authority to modify the maximum amount of invitations. Since it is still in the early access stage, we set the maximum amount of invitations to 10 for each user.

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